“Jeti-Oguz” - “Seven Bulls” gorge - the area is so unique and memorable that at one time it inspired artists to create a series of postage stamps that have become a real rarity for true collectors.

The gorge, with a broken line, cuts through the slope of Terskey Ala-Tao and stretches almost forty kilometers from a height, up to the foothill plain of the southeastern part of the Issyk-Kul basin.

(Best time of visiting: all year round)


Jeti-Oguz is a ridge of red rocks covered with forest thickets. The length of the cliffs is 37 kilometers, and the landscape of the gorge was formed thanks to the river of the same name. Huge dark green forests, spread over the mountain slopes of red sandstone, create an amazing color contrast. Forests on both sides of the gorge stretch for almost 25 km, and before forming into forests, Tien Shan spruces are found here in small picturesque groups. Above the forest zone (about 3000 m), in the valley, about 15 km wide, there are magnificent subalpine and alpine meadows - jailoo. And in the spring and summer months in the Dzhety-Oguz gorge, a real flower festival begins, among which silver stars of edelweiss, alpine daisies and asters, elecampane (golden root) stand out.


At the entrance to the gorge is one of the most romantic places for lovers - the rock "Broken Heart". According to legend, a rock is a broken heart of a girl who died because two young men fought for her, and both died in the battle. Loving couples are always photographed against the backdrop of this rock. At the beginning of the Jeti-Oguz canyon is a beautiful place Kok-Jayik, which is popular among vacationers. Tourists interested in this place are invited to rest in yurt camps. Horseback trips to the highlands and neighboring valleys are organized here.

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