Ala-Archa State Natural Park is located in Kyrgyzstan at a distance of 41 km from Bishkek on the northern slope of the Kyrgyz Range (Kyrgyz. Kyrgyz Ala-Too) at an altitude of 1600–4860 m. It covers an area of 2280 ha. The area of non-forest lands is 970 ha. Landscapes of foothill steppes and mountain forests, where more than 600 species of higher plants grow, including 70 species of trees and shrubs, about 50 species of medicinal plants, a lot of honey plants and tannins.

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The reserve is a small valley inside the gorge, the mountain ranges of which are covered with eternal ice, and the slopes are beautiful spruce forests. Streams of meltwater flow down the slopes from the glaciers, which then turn into the Ala-Archa River.

The Ala-Archa River, with a total length of 76 km, originates from glaciers in the area of the northern slope of the Kyrgyz Ala-Too. She has several tributaries: Ak-Sai, Top-Karagay, Teke-Ter, Tuyuk-Suu, Adygin, Jindi-Suu. The river flows through the reserve, through green meadows and slopes covered with spruce forests.


In 1976, the Ala-Archa Kyrgyz State Park was created in the Ala-Archa Gorge to preserve endangered rare species of animals, plants, and develop tourism and mountain climbing. One of the main attractions of the reserve is a unique wildlife. Here you can see the snow leopard listed in the Red Book, as well as a rare blue bird, which the Kyrgyz call the bird of happiness, live high in the gorge. Many other amazing representatives of flora and fauna live in the reserve, where hunting is strictly prohibited. Another unique feature of the reserve is the climbers camp, located at an altitude of 2000 m above sea level.

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