One of the most unique creations of nature, Arslanbob is a magnificent flowering oasis, sheltered in the foothills of the western and southern slopes of the Ferghana and Chatkal ranges of the central Tien Shan. Here, at an altitude of more than 1600 m above sea level, in the rarest climatic conditions of the adjacent air masses, magnificent walnut forests spread with a total area of more than 700 thousand hectares.
(Best time of visiting: May-September)


Arslanbob district is located in the tract of the Babash-Ata ridge on the western and southern slopes of the Ferghana and Chatkal ranges and is famous primarily for its stunning relic walnut-fruit forests, which occupy a total of 608.5 thousand ha. These are the largest walnut-fruit forests on our planet. Here, up to 130 species of trees and shrubs grow, including walnuts, pistachios, almonds, pears, apple trees, cherry plums, currants and others. Forests are distinguished by their multi-tiered and diverse shrub undergrowth.


In the Arslanbob valley, there is a village with a population of about 15,000 people, many of the houses offer excellent views of the surrounding landscapes. In the central village square there is a lion statue, and next to it is a new mosque and mausoleum of Arstanbap-Ati with beautiful carved walnut doors (dated 15). A short walk from the center of the village is a small waterfall (23 meters). Opposite the waterfall there is a small cave, known as the Cave of the Forty Angels, where the holy woman lived, to which people came with various requests. A little further there is another waterfall and Holy Lake, where hiking and horseback day tours are organized.

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