Burana Tower

Burana Tower

The Burana Tower, located 80 kilometers from Bishkek, is one of the most famous archaeological sites in Kyrgyzstan. Here are important artifacts that tell the story of Kyrgyzstan and its role on the Great Silk Road.

(Best time of visiting: all year round)
The Burana Tower (X-XI centuries), built of burnt bricks, is an outstanding ancient building, part of the archaeological and architectural museum of Kyrgyzstan and a monument of cultural heritage. Its height today is 21.7 m, but initially the tower was at least 40 m, and its upper part was subsequently destroyed by an earthquake.

Burana Tower

Today, the Buraninsky fortification is an archaeological and architectural museum operating in the open. A significant part of its exhibits are tombstones, which were collected from the looted ancient Turkic burial grounds of the Chui and Kemin valleys, as well as the Issyk-Kul basin. The statues are true treasures of fine art and are fragments of sculptures with filigree traces of facial features, clothing, jewelry and weapons. And although they are completely unrelated to the history of the city, according to many experts, here they are more than in place.

Burana Tower

The complex is located in a very picturesque place, near the Shamsinsky and Kegetinsky gorges, a little south of the city of Tokmok. A magnificent panorama of the eastern part of the Kyrgyz ridge opens from here, and in May and June you can see the flowering of poppy fields. There is a museum on the territory of the settlement, where you can get acquainted with the rich history of this place. There is a souvenir shop and places to relax. Entrance to the complex costs 60 soms. This price includes a visit to the museum and the opportunity to climb the tower itself.

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