(Best time of visiting: May-September)


Sary-Chelek Lake is one of the most beautiful and picturesque alpine lakes in Central Asia, a vivid attraction of the Chatkal Range (spur of the Western Tien Shan). The lake is located in the west of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, 500 kilometers from Bishkek and 300 kilometers from Osh, in the Sary-Chelek nature reserve, at an altitude of 1940 meters above sea level. Sary-Chelek is the third deepest lake in Central Asia and the second deepest in Kyrgyzstan.


(Best time of visiting: May-September)

In summer, the water temperature in the lake reaches + 19.8 ° C, and in winter it ranges from + 4 ° C to 0 ° C. The lake is sewage and, therefore, fresh, the Kodjo-Ata River flows from it. Dozens of streams flow from the gorges surrounding the lake. Steep, and sometimes completely steep shores of the lake plunge sharply into the impenetrable depth, which in some places reaches 234 meters. Its northern shores are covered with large forests of slender fir and fir. If you climb into their dense coniferous thickets, you may feel as if you are in impassable Siberian forests, where even the rays of the sun penetrate only if the wind blows and spreads the tightly woven branches.


Sary-Chelek Lake is a small northern part of the Sary-Chelek Reserve, one of the most remarkable places in Kyrgyzstan. Part of the reserve’s territory (23.9 thousand ha) from the north is limited by the mountain chains of the Chatkal ridge with several peaks reaching heights of more than 4000 meters above sea level. There are amazingly beautiful and diverse landscapes. Foothill steppes and ridges with snow-capped peaks, turbulent rivers and quiet marshes, mountain lakes with variegated rocks on steep shores, flowering valleys, mountain taiga and alpine meadows - all make an unforgettable impression. The main wealth of these places is walnut and fruit forests.

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