Sulmaiman-too (Mount Solomon)


Sulmaiman-too (Mount Solomon) is the most important cultural attraction in Kyrgyzstan and the first object of the country included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list, located in the very center of Osh. The mountain itself, stretching almost a kilometer, is composed of limestone and has five peaks, the highest of which rises to a height of 150 meters above the city.

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The length of the Sulaiman-Too mountain spur is a little over a kilometer, its width is about 560 meters, and the highest point is 150 meters above the ground. There, at the very top of the cliff, the Takhty-Sulaiman mosque flaunts - one of the main city shrines. Since time immemorial, this mosque has been closely associated with the name of Babur, a descendant of the famous Tamerlane, the founder of the Mughal empire.

And although the mosque was called "Takhty-Sulayman", people still call it only "Babur's House".


There are seven caves on the mountain, in one of them is the Suleiman-Too Museum, which is very popular among tourists. The museum has exhibits of culture and life of the peoples inhabiting the ancient city of Osh. The remaining six caves have different sizes and purposes: Chakatamar, which can only be crawled according to popular beliefs, has healing properties, Ishen-Unkur is considered a cave of reflection, Teshik-Tash has three entrances, Tepeunkur is a very steep descent, and the largest two-level cave is called Rusha - Unkur. Another little-known cave is located on the northern side of the mountain, in a remote place.

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