Suusamyr Valley

Two large rivers flow in the valley: Suusamyr and Western Karakol, which merge together to form a turbulent and high-water Kekemeren. The valley is notable for its stunning landscapes: the emerald green grass here is adjacent to the turbulent rivers and magnificent views of the mountains. In winter, a ski resort operates here, and in summer, numerous koumiss hospitals and rest houses take tourists.

The valley is also popular with paragliders, since there are practically no trees and nothing interferes with flights. In the early summer, mushroom pickers come here for the famous steppe cep, which grows in large numbers in the valley. An ideal place to relax.

In addition to natural attractions, there are cultural attractions in the Suusamyr Valley. One of such attractions is the mazar of Kozhomkul - a grave, the participation of the famous Kyrgyz hero took part in the construction of it. On the walls of the mazar to this day, imprints of his huge palms have been preserved. There is a mazar in the village of the same name Kozhomkul, there is also a local museum where you can find out the history of the Suusamyr Valley. A huge number of tourist routes pass through Suusamyr for all types of tourism: pedestrian, bicycle, automobile, motorcycle, etc.

Transportation options:


from 1 to 5 persons


from 1 to 6 persons


from 1 to 8 persons


from 10 to 18 persons

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